The problem is the majority struggle to begin with – and for the entrepreneurial folk who are attracted to Forex – this comes as a complete shock!

Because when it comes to forex training, easy is not the word that’s going to best describe your journey.

That’s why we have a support group to take you through what Sid Wyemann calls our apprenticeship.

My personal opinion is that without the security of feeling you are with a group of like minded people – all of whom are at different stages of their developing skill – very few would complete this journey.

It’s a testament to Sid Wyemann that he showed enough of a bull dog spirit to have got this cracked all by himself.

Luckily for us both Sid and Kris have a burning desire to teach people how to get through all the stages that have to be learned – to come out the other end seasoned live traders. Not only that, they seem to have endless patience and passion to see us through to the end. Pretty rare nowadays.

And many people will really need that help. My thought is that we have got far too used to wanting and expecting everything to be available “now” – right this minute. But really if youthink about it there is nothing really worthwhile worth learning that does not take a litlle bit of time out of a whole lifetime.

And a very few have taken quite a long time to “get this” – But I don’t think there is a person in our support group who does not feel empowered themselves when the “penny finally drops” for these outstanding individuals, each of whom knew exactly the goal they were aiming for, and they showed the tenacity to keep going. Their reward is obvious !!

All that said – this is a really wonderful forex training, simple system Sid has perfected, it just takes a bit of time to be able to “see” what you need to “see” to make it all work. And when you do you just know your life will never be the same again.

There is something very special about being part of a group of individual’s from literally all over the globe – not all of whom speak English as their mother tongue. All have the self same problems and challenges to overcome. Wherever we come from, the journey to the finish will follow the exact same path.

And that knowledge is important, especially if we find we are having a tough time with any aspect of what we are being taught. Personally I found it supportive that many peoples Forex journey mirrors my own – sometimes I look back at their posts where they might say “I’ll never get this” to just six weeks later when the very same person hasn’t had a negative trade in the last month.

Yep. Forex training. Simple but not easy! You’ll just have to be there to know what I mean:-)

By Andrew

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