Where do I start?

Well….. I´ll start with my dream

I wanted to stop the daily 2.5 hour commute both there and back I used to have to suffer . Fighting through the traffic to get to work and back is pretty draining.

I sort of knew this was not going to happen overnight. I was prepared to do this a bit at a time

I also feel the best and safest route to success is to have three irons in the fire at any one time. That way if one of your irons is cold the odds are the other two should be warm to hot 

So I now have three types of online business — work two thirds of my time from home — commute not at all ( the best bit) And only work a few hours a week in the conventional manner — I´m pretty much getting there!

Each of the three techniques I tell you about below I have used and I can fully and unreservedly recommend.

Well, as I´m sure you already know, the route was not too easy — with a few false starts along the way. I even tried sports arbatrage in my quest for a stress free life. Boy was THAT stressful!

Like most folk looking for a more fulfilled life, I have tried various businesses with varying degrees of success. I tried multi level marketing when I was much younger but found it pretty surprising that I had to keep unmotivated people continually motivated – I wanted to rely only on myself“Do just once what others say you can’t do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again.”James R. CookIt´s funny, when you stop to think about it, the stepping stones we take through life to get somewhere – I reckon the only requirement is NEVER giving up

Well, we started a picture framing business which led on to an art gallery which was a stepping stone to various retail businesses

Retailing was OK — except the only person who seemed to make money was the landlord!

The rents were just so high that I felt I must be working for the Mafia!! By that I mean,….Remember watching one of those old black and white films of the bad guys breaking up some little guys shop for protection money?

Well my theory is the Mafia got real smart with their money and thought “Hey, if we actually buy those shops with our ill gotten gains – we won´t have to charge protection – we’ll charge whatever rent we like¨!Then came the internetA wonderful level playing field, me thinks!

So I got going building a site with one of those wonderfully easy site templates and sat back to watch my fortune roll in.

Err, you’ve guessed it, nothing happened.

You see my idea was to sell hard goods on line and I had not the first idea how to get my pages to appear on someone´s search results

There was one more trick I was missing here but I will tell you of that laterI found pretty quickly that a web site without TRAFFIC is just a time draining hobby!Well, did you realize that only 2% of new web sites SUCCEED! and many people waste years of their lives and spend thousands of dollars working away on a web site that is almost doomed to failure.

The first Iron in the fire

On the web nothing happens by chance, it´s not like opening a small shop in the hope a customer will just wander past. You need to drive visitor traffic to your site But you need to use the correct tools in order to do this .

I really can´t remember were I found SBI but the discovery of real tools showing me exactly how to build a web business step by step changed everything

So what are these tools?

I didn´t worry too much about the details of how it all worked (if you wait for all the traffic lights to be green in the morning…you´ll never go anywhere). Everything become clear by actually doing it. I had an easy step by step process to follow. Like anything worth doing my web business grew one step at a time.

Now I have built three different websites that have allowed me to work more and more from home. Read how SBI has changed the life of other ordinary folk like me.

As I was to find out, there are in fact several ways of making money on line – but I wanted to start selling hard goods as that was where I felt most comfortable

The thing is I had started several small shops selling stuff I liked. When you stop to think about it that´s pretty mad! I was simply gambling that people liked the same stuff I like.

But I see this happen all the time – Some poor devils sink their life savings and all their hope into a little shop – you can feel the hope and excitement as you see them setting everything up on a weekend — And a few months later you notice it’s gone!

The second Iron in the fire

Well the new online business needed a new approach

I wanted to sell online but knew I had to use every means available to me to give me a fighting start – I also needed to find out exactly how a person could find out and sourcethe stuff people actually want to buy.

Well by luck (actually it´s not luck – I spent a lot of money on crap and hot air – the internet is full of it – but I did find a few gems, you just have to sort em out!).

Anyway by luck, I came across a stand alone Auction Genius Course by the brilliant Sydney Johnson. This easy to follow course showed my exactly how to get started, by tapping in to one of the biggest sellers on the internet, tapping into them for their customer base, whilst at the same time not having to rely on them.

Sydney also showed me exactly how to find out what people want to buy and how to source the products – Then exactly how to go about selling them. Perfect!

I ended up dovetailing these two brilliant resources together

If you want to build an online business without selling SBI is the way to go – but as I´m a glutton for punishment I wanted to sell something – I´m not complaining – I have what I call an automatic pilot income. But I do appreciate many people have a deep aversion to selling

The website you are reading sells nothing – but makes me an income nevertheless.

The third Iron in the Fire

Well, what´s the third thing I mentioned?

you are already reading my story here! you can return to the home page hereThis is something very exciting for me – something that I imagine will be my future – not everyone´s cup of tea I imagine, but the potential, if you have the staying power to learn it is amazing – but it´s really not easy to do.However it only takes me a couple of hours a day, so I have to say I would be crazy not to use that short amount of time to really make a difference for my family and future. Also the degree of personal help and commitment to helping me succeed in this business this is quite frankly unbelievable

I´m 53 now and it´s taken me this long to put it all together, It´s taken time, a lot of effort and not a few knock backs along the way, but I have to say it´s worth it — if you want the life you want for yourself and your family

Do you think all this sounds pretty unrealistic? I can assure you, it´s certainly not. If I learned one lesson in life it´s that nothing´s impossible! Think about where you are going with your life. Then think about where you really want to go with it? Do you hear little voice that keeps saying, “It can´t be done.”– Well turn it off “It can.

By Andrew

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