Sid Wyemann runs the Forex Training Works school with his trusty assistant Kris Harris. Together they offer a complete training package aimed at the total beginner to forex training.

However, it must be said that although Sid Wyemannwill teach failed traders, you will have to be prepared to forget quite a bit of what you might have already learnt.

However, if your looking to achieve that elusive prize of “success”, making the effort to start your forex journey again from scratch would be a small price to pay.

Training for the absolute beginner

What makes Sid’s course so special is it’s absolute simplicity. The course is delivered one lesson a day over a one month period, building up your knowledge step by step. The course is designed to be successful whatever your learning style.

Each lesson is sent in a PDF file which include both audio and video tutorials which overlap and compliment each other. This makes sure nothing important is missed by the student.

The lessons are certainly not designed to teach you “all about Forex” you will not be taught any Forex terms and vocabulary just to impress your friends!

Sid Wyemann’s course cuts forex training to the bone – teaching you absolutely nothing you do not need to know. I did not feel there was any “padding” included just to fill space.

Essentially you are only taught what you need to know in order to make money. Really, with Sids system you are simply using forex as a tool. A very exciting tool with the aim of compounding your capital. That’s exactly what this training enables you to achieve – Compound Your Capital.

When you finish the month, are you ready to start a whole new career? – Sorry, I’m afraid not!

The lessons have simply given you a grounding for your future apprenticeship. This apprenticeship is where the real value of Sid Wymann’s Forex Training Workscourse reveals itself.

The only fault I could find is the fact that it left me feeling the whole thing was going to be a Walk in the Park, Easy, No Problem.. Boy was I wrong!

Happily I am not alone feeling this – most people taking Sid Wyemann’s course are pretty entrepreneurial and feel exactly the same on completion of their first month.

If you were left to your own devices on completion of the first month I feel that the course would not have delivered it’s true potential.

The fact is that the real journey with Sid Wyemann begins only when you finish your final lesson.)

The critical decision before youis – “are you prepared to invest the necessary time, patience and discipline – whatever the difficulties and setbacks”.

If you are, you will have to be prepared to join the BBC (the before breakfast club). This is where both students and live traders post their trades each day so we can learn from each other and share our journeys. The BBC costs a hellish $15 (£7.50) a month.

Make no mistake you will be wasting your money taking the course in the first place if you are not prepared to take out a subscription to the support club.

From personal experience I can tell you Sid Wyemann and Kris Harris are there for you every step of the way – after all this time they “know” and can help you through ALL of the emotions you will inevitably feel during your apprenticeship

And that is really important – because Sid Wyemann and Kris Harris are both natural teachers and can help you through every step of your journey until you have also gone “live”

By Andrew

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